Prosthetics are a specialised field and it’s important to have an expert team helping you through the processes.
Our team at TLCU have over 100 years’ experience producing and fitting over 4250 prosthetic devices. Now that’s a lot!

At TLCU we care about you and your recovery journey. We will give you the confidence and knowledge that you are being fitted with and by the best. We use our knowledge and contacts from within the profession, both in Australia and overseas, combined with the very latest in cutting edge technology, to design and fit world class prosthetics.
Put simply, we love what we do and are proud to say we do it well.

“What is available in prosthetics and orthotics devices today is totally amazing.
Having worked in 14 different countries and visited several hundred P&O clinics the technology
advances I have witnessed over the past 40 plus years has been incredible.”

Mark Hills – Owner and Director

Amputation Journey

So how does the process work?

There is no doubt that starting on your amputation journey can scary. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We provide prosthetic advice and guidance throughout the duration of your journey and will be able to address all your questions and concerns.

1. First Appointment

Your lifestyle goals of great importance. Your prosthesis is individually designed, carefully personalised and purpose built to meet those goals. The Prosthetist will work with you performing an in-depth assessment of your needs and help set goals for mobility with assistance of a prosthesis.

2. Prosthetic Design

Your prosthesis will be designed and assembled in our Belmont laboratory under strict quality control processes. TLCU technicians are trained and up to date with the very latest in prosthetic components and techniques. Currently we are the only private clinic in Australia using robotics in prosthetic production, meaning we can provide excellent results in just a short amount of time.

3. Trial Prosthetic Fitting

Once you have received your unique prosthesis you will attend a trial fitting where the TLCU team will assist you with standing and weight bearing. At this stage our team will make any further alterations needed and ensure body alignment is correct. Once all adjustments have been made the technician will continue to manufacture the socket for fitting.

4. Prosthetic Fitting

At this stage you will use your prosthetic for the first time as a complete limb. Our team will discuss your cosmetic options and arrange the follow up appointments. Our TLCU team will ensure you have the programs and support required to comfortably adjust to your new-found freedom and mobility. Usually the client will return within a few weeks providing feedback on how the prosthetic is functioning.

5. Follow up Appointments & Specialist Assistance

A new prosthesis can take some time to become comfortable and may require time to “wear in”. TLCU will monitor your progress with regular follow up appointments to ensure your prosthesis is fitting and performing well.

Our multi-disciplinary team consist of rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists, social workers, a physiotherapist and psychologist, catering to all your needs. If at any point, you require special assistance we can help with referrals to the amputee clinic and any member of our extended team. If you would like to read more about our post-surgery processes and rehabilitation team refer to please refer to the post-surgery and rehabilitation page.

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions!

We can answer any queries you may have at TLCU our scope of prosthetic experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Pre-amputation assessment and education
  • Interim prosthetic fittings – first limbs
  • Pediatric prosthesis – little limbs
  • Upper extremity myoelectric prosthetics – bionic hands
  • Upper extremity body powered prosthetics – cable controlled arms
  • Upper extremity cosmetic prosthetics – arm and hand cosmetics
  • Lower extremity functional prosthetics – legs prosthetics from hip to partial foot
  • Lower extremity cosmetic prosthetics
  • Sports prostheses
  • Water prostheses – including for showering
  • Osseo integration services
  • High definition silicone prosthetics

…And the list goes on. We believe that knowledge should be shared and we will happily discuss options and findings from your research online to help you get to the best results. We are always happy to share our knowledge, no question is too hard.

“TLCU helped me by providing suitable options for my situation and patiently made an entire new leg that fit.
The result was a happy face dance! I now have a rush foot paired with a pin lock socket, which I totally recommend”

Sandra Kyle-Lee – TLCU Patient


Did you know that all components used in the manufacture of prosthetics and orthotics must be registered as a medical device? Your TLCU clinician has expert knowledge of these and will consult with you and match your needs to suitable components. At TLCU we use components from all around the world and pride ourselves on being informed about the latest in components and technology.

There are considerations such as weight, use requirements and lifestyle aspirations that will affect the selection of prosthetic components. Once your activity and lifestyle goals have been evaluated and your weight determined, consideration is made to costs and funding limitations.