The most common orthotic devices are custom foot supports that fit inside your shoes to restore natural foot function. They help correct poor foot biomechanics which can cause a wide range of issues and pain through the feet, knees and lower back. Our services offer so much more than just orthotic insoles.

At TLCU we understand the pain and discomfort poor foot biomechanics can cause. We use years of experience and knowledge to assess your lifestyle and needs before guiding you to a personalised solution.


We’ll show you how the correct orthotic will help you:

Aid movement

Correct deformity

Relieve pain and discomfort

TLCU’s Orthotists are specialists in the provision of both in house custom made orthotics, as well as the fitting and modification of prefabricated orthotic devices with components sourced from around the world. Our highly-qualified staff utilise industry knowledge and quality components to bring you the best in orthotic care.

As always, our goal is to make you to feel comfortable and confident in the service and products we provide and give you the best possible outcome.

“I approached TLCU because my regular orthotics closed. They suggested new methods
I could try to improve my balance and mobility and the results have been 100% successful”

John Denton – TLCU Patient

Services – How does the process work?

To ensure we create the best orthotic to help you to achieve your goals, a comprehensive assessment will be performed to enable the Clinician to design and fit the most appropriate device for you.

Our team will collaborate with you to create an orthotic device that is uniquely adjusted to your body, ensuring maximum comfort and a greater range of movement. We know there is never a quick fix, so our treatment programs allow regular reviews for the refining and adjustment of your device, allowing us to continually manage and monitor your success. We are dedicated to your ongoing support.

The Clinician will then design and fit the most appropriate device for you. Our knowledge in carbon fibre orthotics both carbon prepreg and laminated is second to none, and will give you the very best result. At TLCU our staff understand that medical terminology can often be confusing, we promise to relay complicated medical procedures and explain complex components and diagnostics in a relatable manner.

Our team will ensure all your questions are answered and your progress is monitored over the duration of your care.
TLCU’s Scope of Orthotic Practice includes but is not limited to:

  • Chronic condition management
  • Complex disability management
  • Pediatric orthotics
  • Custom and Pre-fabricated upper extremity supports
  • Custom and Pre-fabricated lower extremity supports
  • Custom and Pre-fabricated Spinal supports
  • Foot orthotics

Who have we Treated?

Since 2003 we have assisted hundreds clients with their orthotic needs. As technology advances our facilities and processes are continually improved and upgraded, however the foundation of providing quality health care in a comfortable and supportive manner always remains the same. We take pride in maintaining our client relationships, see below what some of our clients have to say about TLCU, our staff, facility and treatment programs.