At TLCU we assist and support our clients through
the NDIS process, ensuring positive long term solutions.

What is the NDIS ?

As of July 2017 the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been revised to provide a lifetime approach to disability support.

The NDIS provides the reasonable and necessary support for Australians under the age of 65 living with a significant or permanent disability the ability to live life full.

Is the NDIS for you?

Are you under
the age of 65?

Do you have a
permanent disability?

Will you require support
for the rest of your life?

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Throughout 2017 NDIS will be progressively
rolled out throughout Western Australia.

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Answering the tough questions

NDIS look at individuals as a whole. They assess not only mobility solutions but also take into account lifestyle needs and personal goals. They help navigate the way through the tough questions ensuring tailored solutions that allow participants to successfully return to daily life.

NDIS recognises every individual is different, they excel at customising holistic solutions based on a participant’s specific situation, requirements and aspirations.

When considering the future, you may want to deliberate the tough questions:


What about your life
would you most like
to change?


With less assistance
from others you would
like to be able to?


During which
activities are you
the happiest?


What do you feel
is your biggest

The basis of these “customised solutions” are based off the participant’s ability to identify how they see their future life living with a prosthesis.
See how our client INSERT NAME has answered the tough questions, utilised TLCU and NDIS expertise to find the
perfect prosthetic solution for them.