TLCU Clients Testimonials

I approached TLCU because I was having problems with my prosthetic, and had heard a lot of positive things about them. They immediately helped me understand the importance of adjusting my body and the way I walked. They improved my socket and my knowledge of the workings of my new knee. One thing I really liked was their genuine compassion and concern. They are always available if I have a problem and are just so professional and supportive. I would recommend them to anyone needing a caring environment, and to anyone who needs to know they are in the hands of people who know what they are doing. Neil Blanche, Leg Amputee Client
I approached TLCU because my prosthetic leg was hugely painful to wear. They helped me by showing me the suitable options for my situation and patiently made me an entire new leg that fit. The result was fantastic – I am doing a happy dance! I now have a rush foot paired with a pin lock socket, which I totally recommend. TLCU were friendly yet professional, no question is ever brushed aside or regarded as trivial. I found the experience uplifting, this team actually understand any and all issues around amputations, prosthetics no matter how, when or why. I would recommend TLCU to people who need limb care, understanding and professional folk who have a sense for mischief and fun while taking pride in the outcomes they achieve. Sandra Kyle-Lee, Leg Amputee Client
I approached TLCU because I had experienced bad service at another provider. TLCU were caring, friendly and attentive, and helped me by providing a new prosthesis, as the previous one I had been wearing was ill-fitting and was painful to wear and caused sores. I found the whole experience relaxing due to the staff at TLCU, and I would recommend them to anyone needing a prosthesis. Joan Dash, Leg Amputee Client